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What is a Life Coach?

Just as a sports coach assists an athlete with how to overcome obstacles, remain focused, and improve their ability, a life coach is objective, confidential, and skilled at listening. 


Laura Petherbridge provides honest feedback as a guide or mentor. The client in life coaching takes an active responsibility for his or her own growth and change. There is homework when you choose to coach with Laura.


A life coach points the client in the direction for reaching their goals.


Laura coaches her clients over the telephone or with zoom, while supplementing with e-mail or text. 


A Life Coach is NOT a:

  • Counselor. There is no diagnosis and/or treatment of mental, emotional, or addictive conditions. 

  • Therapist. If issues such as abuse are suspected and revealed a coach may refer clients to a professional in addition or in lieu of coaching. 

  • Teacher. The client may learn new information but that is not the sole purpose of coaching.

  • Pastor. However, Biblical insights will be shared if desired.

  • Rescuer. But they do provide structure, encouragement, and support.   

  • Lawyer.  No legal advice will be given, nor should any sessions be viewed as such. 


Disclaimer: Laura is not presenting herself as a professional counselor. No promises regarding the outcome of relationships are given or implied. All decisions about relationships and marriage belong to the clients.


How to Begin:


After sending Laura an inquiry the client receives, via email, attachments with a pre coaching questionnaire. If it is not received, please check your spam folder. This must be completed by EACH CLIENT individually and returned to her in a document that can be viewed in Word. Laura will assess the answers to determine if her areas of expertise comply with the client’s needs and goals. Once finalized Laura will send a link to Calendly where the client can book an appointment online. If a different time is needed due to time zone, etc. Laura will consider. She doesn’t work on Sunday.

Types of Life Coaching:




Stepfamilies: This is the bulk of Laura’s life coaching clients. It is for any couple dating, engaged or married to a person with kids. Pre marriage coaching is highly recommended. 

Laura partners with Life Coach David Londerlee in situations where the husband prefers to include a male perspective. 


Pre-Divorce: Laura draws from her thirty-two years of divorce recovery expertise to assist couples in understanding the emotionally charged and complex issues associated with separation and divorce. The couple agrees to participate in the coaching process which includes reading resources on kids and divorce. 


Laura’s role is not to determine whether a couple should or should not divorce, or to provide a church denominational viewpoint. Her job is to explain the result of divorce and to guide the couple through significant decisions. 


The life coaching sessions may not be used in a court of law and is not viewed as mediation. Professional counseling is advised for both parties as well as attending a divorce recovery support group.   


Should a couple desire to consider marital restoration, Laura will provide information and where to obtain assistance.


Individual Life Coaching for Women:

Laura works with all women. Her most popular clients are stepmoms seeking insight on their role in a stepfamily.

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Laura provides life coaching, mentorship programs, and online classes for those in a relationship (significant other, engaged, marital separation or divorce) that is ending.

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